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Matthew Brunken
1Level 1
955/1000 Experience
Nerfite Staff

Things I am working on:

- Admin/Mod Dashboard so we can protect our site while it is public during testing.
- Better Registration Security (ensuring bot accounts are not confirmed accounts and are not seen under Who to Follow)
- Comments (this is hard because this UI did not come with a comments page, so I am basically building it from scratch using the bases of the UI)
- Video & Blogs: the final content features we plan to implement currently

None of these will see the light of day anytime soon, especially knowing my rate of development, BUT the code for them is already laid out and the beginnings are planned out, so they are likely the most upcoming updates I have.


The next project I am working on is the Moderation and Administration system, so I know that won't see much public recognition, but just know there are things being done. This needs to be done now ultimately because the site is open, and we need a line of defense which will be our team of staff and moderators. We are not recruiting any moderators, but if that interests you when we grow larger, let us know. I will show a few sneaks into the Administration system, but the Nerfite Staff/Moderators will get to see it as it is developed.

  • I am the Owner & Executive Director for Nerfite. I am 21 Years Old. Business Inquiries can be sent to
  • Location: Nebraska, United States
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