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Our Features

We pride ourselves on advanced, yet basic features that allow you to not only have a great social media experience, but have fun while doing so.

Familiar Social Features

Don't go too far from your comfort zone, we have kept the standard social features across all platforms to allow for a comfortable and familiar feeling.

Your Data is Yours, not Ours

We have seen how data manipulation has destroyed social media and the online world in the past few years, and we don't want to add to that. Your data belongs to you, and we will not sell or publicize it without your direct permission.

Humanized Team

Automated moderation can be buggy and inaccurate, and though we use a little of it, we pride ourselves on using mostly human moderation. That is why we recruit trusted volunteer Moderators to accurately investigate reports.

Three Social Points

As a content creation platform, we touch on three primary forms of content creation: Posting, Videos, and Blogging all which can be monetized to help creators make money.

All About Fun

We wanted to add a twist to the social experience, and we are always looking for cool ways to improve that. However, we want it to be fun. So we have features such as quests and achievements to provide incentive to using our features.

Weekly Updates

Never get bored with us. We are committed to bringing new content and features on a weekly basis. You can follow new updates on our Blog.

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Into the mind of the crazy Nerfite developers

Nerfite began in March 2019 as a passion project by @Matthew, Owner of Nerfite, and began to grow rapidly when it received a huge upgrade from its former version. The dream was to make a social network that focused on content creation, gaming, and growing brands while adding a fun twist to the boring social media world.

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