About Nerfite

Nerfite is a gaming/content/brand-centered Social Media Platform founded in March 2019 by Matthew Brunken (@Matthew). Nerfite serves as a platform for gamers, content creators, brands, and much more to discuss, share news, grow their following, and have a little extra twist added onto their social media experience. If you would like to learn more about Nerfite and its features, please check out our Helpdesk!


Our leadership team is made up of four amazing individuals who put their soul into Nerfite's values. Each one of them play very specific roles in our community. Go ahead and meet them below and check out their profiles.

Matthew Brunken (@Matthew)
Executive Director

Matthew is the Founder and Creator of Nerfite. He founded Nerfite with his friends back in March 2019. Matthew is from the United States and mostly plays League of Legends and Minecraft.

Liam John McLeod (@Liam)
Operations Director

Liam is a Co-Founder of Nerfite and leads the Nerfite team. He is from Western Australia and plays CS:GO.

Jordan (@Jordan)
Executive Assistant

Jordan is the Executive Assistant for Nerfite, and helps lead the Nerfite team and community. He is from Australia and plays CS:GO, NBA 2k, and FIFA.

ImmortalEren (@ImmortalEren)
Community Manager

Martin is the Community Manager for Nerfite, and leads the team that keeps Nerfite an exciting place to be! He is from the United States and plays Project Zomboid, AoTTG, ARMA, and CS:GO.

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