We ("Nerfite") reserve the right to update this document at any time, and all updates may be applied to past, present, and future content on our platform. Please watch your notifications and Email for updates on our official documents.

About Accounts

Nerfite requires an account to user our services. Every account username is unique and may be changed at the discretion of the user. Usernames may not be requested, and we will not delete accounts due to inactivity.

Account Types

There are a handful of account types that can make using our website a bit confusing, especially when it comes to monetization features. So, we have dedicated this section to explaining each account type.

Official Account Types

An official account is an account that has been recognized by Nerfite for their legitimacy. This includes staff, moderators, and verified users.

Nerfite Staff

Nerfite Staff are official staff members and can be identified on our About page. Staff are responsible for developing, maintaining, and moderating the website. Staff may not directly interact with users as their jobs are often not user-related. However, some may be responsible for support and moderation, in which they will interact with users.

Nerfite Moderator

Nerfite Moderators are responsible for moderating and interacting with the community. They are hand-picked volunteers that put in approximately 8 hours a week of responding to reports and user requests. They advocate and enforce our community guidelines. You can feel free to message them for help or with any concerns, just note that they may be busy or receive a lot of messages and may take time to get back to you.


Verified Members are people that have applied for verification and went through an investigation process to determine legitimacy. They have a few extra perks to make their life a bit stress-free with the social media system.

Monetized Account Types

A monetized account is an account that has received permission to begin earning money through our virtual currency and can cash out any obtained currency. Every level of monetized accounts have set requirements, but also get extra benefits. Dotted items are requirements, and plus items are benefits.

Bronze Monetization
  • 100% Completed Profile
  • 3 Content Posts
  • Monthly Subscription Button
  • Subscriber Badges (in your comments)
  • 75% Revenue from Subscribers
Silver Monetization
  • 50 Content Posts
  • 10 Subscribers
  • 3 Months as Affiliate
  • VC Donation Button
  • 6 Month Subscriber Badges (in your comments)
  • 80% Revenue from Subscribers
Gold Monetization
  • 100 Content Posts
  • 100 Subscribers
  • 1 Year as Partner
  • Featured Content
  • 1 Year Subscriber Badges (in your comments)
  • 85% Revenue from Subscribers

This is an official document of Nerfite that covers our Community Guidelines/Terms of Service. It may be updated at any time and we will notify our userbase when any official document is updated to help keep the community aware of changes.

Last Update: July 22, 2020