The Preamble

At Nerfite, our values are very important to us and we have high expectations for every Nerfite user. By creating an account with us, you have agreed to these values and should you disregard any of them, you are subject to disciplinary action by the Nerfite Team.

As a member of our community, you can help protect our values by reporting things that you think disregards them. Every form of communication has a report button that can be used to send it to the Nerfite Team for investigation. The content along with the parties involved will all be investigated thoroughly in order to ensure fairness. Any and all information acquired by the Nerfite Team during this process is confidential and will not be released by us to any third party. If for any reason you believe that someone is going against any of our values, please report them immediately. You're just one click away from making Nerfite a better place.

Our Values


As a community, this is our most important value. Nerfite values everyone and welcomes people from all walks of life, no matter their gender, race, sexuality, etc. Respect is a top priority for our community. This means that we do not permit spamming, flooding, or any form of mass posting, or any discriminatory messages. The Nerfite Team will be constantly working towards creating an accepting environment for all of our users. Since we allow members age 13 and up to join our community, this means that we do not permit any offensive material to be posted here, such as pornography or gore.


The safety of our users is always a top priority. Threatening behavior or actions will not be tolerated and perpetrators will be disciplined. If needed, Nerfite will involve the proper authorities to ensure the safety of our members and community. We will never share, sell, or publicize the data of our users. All Nerfite content and profiles requires a Nerfite account to view. No account or third party is permitted to access information about any Nerfite members without their consent, and this consent must be obtained directly from the individual member. Nerfite will never act or request to act as the middleman in the process of acquiring data.


Without the members of our community, the Nerfite team’s work means nothing. As a result, we will always have an open mind when it comes to listening to the community about what they need and want from Nerfite. We will do our absolute best to ensure the community feels valued. Therefore, we have made the Board Secretary available to reach out to and they are someone any of our members can talk with about Nerfite and what they are thinking. They will make sure that the voices and concerns of our members are heard and are the most direct connection between the community and the team.

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